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I am a pediatric physical therapist with a large Spanish-speaking patient population. I have been a beginning Spanish speaker for the past 40 years. This summer I made the leap to receive private tutoring from KAMMS Language School. The individual attention made a huge difference. I also purchased and practiced with several excellent CDs developed by KAMMS that include general conversation and phrases for educators and health care professionals. In a few weeks my improvement was remarkable. I am more confident and better able to communicate in Spanish with my patients and their families. I also have the resources to continue to improve until next summer when I can resume my tutoring with KAMMS. 
Elena Tappit-Emas

The CDs are great!  I especially appreciate the native speaker and then the English speaker, it really helps to understand the words better. Thank you!
Marianne Hicks - Brigantine, NJ

I own a small landscape company in NC. I love the 'Spanish for Landscaping' program. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this product. It allows people to be proficient in the portion of the language pertaining to their industry without having to learn the entire language and also creates greater opportunities for both Spanish and English speakers.
Jonathan Smith - North Carolina

It is Sue Langkamer again (From PSU Berks).  I have to tell you how much my students have enjoyed your Spanish for Educators CD/workbook.  They feel it is the most relevant part of the course.  I feel the class relax when we are using your book. Great job!

There will be a second section of Spanish for Educators starting up in the Spring Semester. There are 300 more teachers who have registered for the course. The need is great, so you should be getting another order from PSU Berks very soon.
Sue Langkamer - Pennsylvania State University Berks

I bought a few of your Spanish on the Job programs from Franklin Electronics and I think they are the best out there. I've tried many other programs and didn't quite understand many things they were teaching. I especially like how you break everything down and you make it so simple to learn. I understand the language so much better now and can finally speak Spanish easily. Thank you!
Paris Malekzand

Thanks so much for replying so promptly. I like your books so much! I have used the Spanish for Law Enforcement and would like to purchase the Conversational Spanish program. I think these books are just exactly what we need to teach Spanish so that the lessons cover down-to-earth vocabulary and make speaking Spanish easier.
Also, I have some friends who have a son in Peru. He is a missionary there, and they want to learn enough Spanish to visit him and use the language. Therefore, I'm going to recommend this program to them.Thank you!
Mary Hogan

I have recently used Spanish for Retail Business as one of the primary resources for my college course in Occupational Spanish and found the KAMMS materials to be ideal for training students in workplace Spanish. Spanish for Retail Business provides a unique approach to vocabulary building and includes a broader range of job-related words and phrases than found in similar publications. I would highly recommend any of the KAMMS programs for job-specific training in Spanish.
Dr. Bob Lewis (Assistant Professor of Spanish, Limestone College)

I didn't know ANY Spanish when I started listening to the Spanish for Conversation program in my car for about 15 min. a day. After about a month, I was able to talk with my daughter (a Spanish major just returning from Spain). She was surprised at how much I learned in such a short time.  I was surprised at how easy it was! 
Eileen Wallace (Housewife and mother of 3)

I received the CD "Spanish for Health Care" and I listened to it immediately. It is on my iPod now and I listen to it repeatedly every day. I am learning slowly but surely. It is very helpful. The pronunciation is excellent. Thank you for the CD. Now, I'd like to order the Spanish for Health Care Workbook. Can you please place this order? Have a great day.
Karen Rugh-American Embassy, Domincan Republic

I travel often working for the Navy. It's a hobby of mine to teach people English on my travels. I have bought many language learning programs ranging in cost from $10 to hundreds of dollars. Your programs are the best I've seen. I just purchased six more of your programs. Thank You!
Mike Montallvo-Oxnard, CA

Two months ago I bought the Spanish for Construction and Committed to listening to it everyday until I memorized the CD from beginning to end. I was so impressed with the fact that the terms and vernacular being applied to construction are actually relevant to everyday conversation that takes place in the field. The method with the words/phrases being said in English, repeated in Spanish by a Latino and then repeated in Spanish by an Anglo is brilliant!
Warren Sprake-Northfield, NJ

I am a hospital switchboard operator and so speaking with my callers in Spanish makes them happy. Even when I have to ask them to repeat things, they always say "Thank God" someone who is trying to speak my language. I have learned a lot just by listening.
Amazon Customer

I would say that if your customer service and professionalism are like my experience online, you have a customer 4life.
Amazon Customer

MUY BIEN. Already put to use in the ER! If you work in medicine you need this Spanish for Health Care CD!
Amazon Customer

Great Spanish CD set. Clear and fun. Thanks.
Amazon Customer

I love it- the pauses to practice saying the word are perfectly timed and the two voices saying the same word is effective as well. Thank You
Amazon Customer

I think the CDs are wonderful! In my high school Biology classes, a large percentage of students come from Spanish-speaking households. Your CDs have helped me communicate important information to the parents of my students.

Thank you for your support of education!

Michael Pomeroy - Los Angeles Unified School District

The Adult ESL program that I worked for in 2008 purchased several of your CDs and the students loved them.  It was by far their favorite out of all the listening activities.

Wendy Smith

Ever since I found KAMMS' English programs, my life has become much easier. The programs are practical and easy to use. They go directly to the point and this saves me a lot of time and money. Thanks to English on the Job, I'm able to give all of my family and my friends the opportunity to learn English and obtain better jobs in this country.
Julia M Vallejo - Puerto Rico

Thank you so much for making these programs. Spanish-speakers really need these! I have your English for Work and English for Conversation. I learn so much from your programs; do you have one for English for the Citizenship test?

Carmen Cabreras (Child Care Worker)

Very useful! I learned the essential words for my job at the Restaurant. I really enjoyed the conversation exercises.


Roberto Hernandez - Pittsburgh, PA

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