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The manufacturing industry needs an immediate, effective and affordable solution to alleviate language barriers in the workplace.  Many language learning options currently available are costly, ineffective, time consuming and learners may never learn the vocabulary needed for their particular industry.

KAMMS’ English for Manufacturers program allows learners to immediately improve communication by providing the most commonly encountered short and simple phrases in the daily operations of the manufacturing industry. This comprehensive program consists of a portable audio/visual learning system, corresponding workbooks and pocket guides, along with the added support of personalized one-on-one instruction and coaching by a highly qualified language teaching professional. This unique approach assures the most effective learning experience in the shortest period of time. Learners can expect to reach "functional fluency" within 16 weeks.

KAMMS’ methodology has been developed specifically for Spanish-speaking, working adults. The various program materials offer options for learning, while the private tutoring sessions can be conducted from any telephone or computer at home, work or on-the-go. The research-based materials recognize the needs of adult learners by teaching effectively and efficiently, while incorporating entertaining and engaging activities, stories and dialogues. The program also addresses the anxiety that adults often feel about learning a new language, by providing experiences whereas the learner can be immediately successful. Moreover, the supportive one-on-one coaching helps to build the learner’s self-confidence, an essential ingredient to communicative competence.

By implementing KAMMS’ program, businesses in the manufacturing industry can expect benefits such as: increased employee productivity, efficiency and performance, decreased employee turnover, greater trust and loyalty among workers, promoting from within the organization and improved employee safety. Additionally, employees will have the opportunity to enhance their language and workforce skills, be more confident, safe and effective, improve performance, excel in their careers and be more productive at work.

English for Manufacturers Program Description:                       

16 Week Comprehensive Language Learning Program                                       
English for Manufacturers - Audio-Visual Language Learning System* (pre-loaded portable system w/screen view of words & phonetic pronunciation) 
  • English for Manufacturers
  • English for Work
  • English for Life
  • Tips, Advice & Motivation for Learning English
English for Manufacturers Workbook
Pocket Guides w/ Phonetic Pronunciation
Goal Consultation
Email Correspondence with On-going Feedback
Management, Team Leader and Program Liaison Guide
Weekly Tutoring - by phone or internet (30 minutes)       
Progress Reports - monthly reports on participant progress       
Pre and Post Assessments - by phone or internet   
Participant Commitment Form - highlighting commitment necessary 
Participant and Management Surveys
Conversations with Participants - to identify & overcome challenges
Certificates - celebrating benchmarks and accomplishments

*over 5 hours of audio programs included

Program Lessons:

Tips, Advice & Motivation for Learning English
  • How English will Improve Your Life
  • Tips for Learning English
  • How to Stay Motivated
English for Manufacturers
  • Requests
  • General Questions
  • Assembly
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Clean up
  • Safety
  • Work Vocabulary
English for Work
  • Work Instructions
  • Training
  • Safety Equipment
  • Salary
  • Work Schedule
  • Job Benefits
  • Rules
  • Important Questions
  • People, Places & Departments
English for Life        
  • The Neighborhood
  • The Store
  • The Bank
  • The Doctor's Office
  • The Pharmacy
  • The School
  • Work
  • The Post Office
  • Emergencies

16 Week Interactive Program

Once a learner has completed the English for Manufacturers Program, the Interactive Program is available to the student. This program allows for student interaction, by practicing real-life scenarios and dialogues with other participating students via telephone or internet. Classes are extended to one hour per week and the class size is limited to 3-4 students per session, to ensure all students are engaged continuously during the class.

Research shows that once a language learner has developed sufficient vocabulary and speaking skills, student to student interaction is an effective method of advancing their skills. This technique also allows practice speaking with others, so as to assuage the apprehension most adult-language learners feel, when speaking in their second language. Students will build confidence as they interact with fellow students and will be motivated to use their newly developed skills in the workplace.

For more information: Please contact us at 609-822-8000 or info@kammsworldwide.com

We're looking forward to working with you!

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